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encountering . one

memory is encounter.

from the poem "Retrieval" by Arthur Sze 

This line of poetry stopped me in my tracks last week. Memory as encounter...as a hive...yes.

As I continue to settle in after the Unearth Retreat, I want to share a list of goodness that I've encountered in the last couple of weeks. Words and projects from kindreds that have caught my eye and inspired me...

Over on Chickadee Road, Stef is sharing a new monthly column we're calling "In the Creative Mama Trenches." Her honesty deeply inspires.

Jennifer Louden's wisdom deeply resonates again and again. Love the heart and soul in this post about putting a new offering (putting yourself, your truth) out in the world. Oh my gosh I needed these words!

Vivienne's post at Kind Over Matter about how it is time to stop being your own bully had me cheering out loud.

This post from Darrah about how sometimes words aren't necessary is simply gorgeous. 

Andrea's Creative Superheroes interview with Rachel Cole = pure inspiration!

Loving Kristin's short video about trust and seizing the day...it involves a glimpse of her chickens, which was oh my gosh awesome!

Of course I have to mention Positive Panties - the new project between Jenn Gibson of Roots of She and Amanda Oaks at Kind Over Matter. These girls make me smile big time. 

And then this post from my beautiful friend Jen Lee about why she's been keeping silent on her blog at times. This was one of those reads where I wish we had been sitting together on her couch whispering after everyone had gone to bed because I wanted to keep this conversation going.

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can't wait to check these out...

October 7, 2012 | Unregistered Commentergkgirl

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